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International cultural project “Aftersounds of Heaven” invites to creative collaboration.

The project is aimed at the revival of interest to imperishable Christian values, traditions and love to Motherland in the contemporary art. The important goal of the project is the revival of interest to spiritual literature and spirituality in general among youth. Within the framework of the project “Aftersounds of Heaven” poetic word sounds, concerts, radio broadcasts and presentations are organized in Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and other cities of Russia, and also in Serbia. Our activity involves not only literature, but music and painting as well.

In the year 2009 the first collection of contemporary spiritual poetry “Aftersounds of Heaven” was published in Saint Petersburg. It includes works by authors from Russia, Ukraine, Israel and Finland.

At the present time we work on the second collection of contemporary spiritual poetry and prose. The book will present poems and short prose works of spiritual, patriotic and philosophic content. Authors from many cities of Russia, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Belorussia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, the UK, the USA and Argentina have already sent their works to us. The poems by Serbian, Austrian and American authors are being translated.

The contest of coloured drawings, paintings and photographs for the cover of the book and the contest of black-and-white illustrations (drawings and photographs) are continuing.

We invite all the volunteers to participate in the project, including poets, prose writers, artists, photographers and musicians.

Further information about the collection and the project you can find at:

Die Webseite des kulturellen Projektes "Nachklange des Himmels": http://www.otzvuki-nebes.narod.ru/

About the presentation of the project “Aftersounds of Heaven” in Serbia: http://www.srpska.ru/article.php?nid=16216

Christian radio “MARIA”, 4 broadcasts about the project “Aftersounds of Heaven” and about the collection of spiritual poetry: http://otzvuki-nebes.rpod.ru/

TV channel “VOT”, information about the collection “Aftersounds of Heaven”, Russian and Serbian poems:


Best regards, Eugeniy Kapustin,
Editor of the collection of contemporary spiritual poetry “Aftersounds of Heaven”,
Curator of international cultural project “Aftersounds of Heaven”
Russia, Saint Petersburg

©Международный культурный проект "ОТЗВУКИ НЕБЕС" 2012